Posted by: wizmoto | December 31, 2011

Surrender Dorothy

I was driving with my family around Washington DC this week.  My younger son, Joseph, was sleeping, but Samuel was still awake, so I started relating memories from my time in the area growing up.

The one he found fascinating was about seeing “Surrender Dorothy” painted as a graffito on a railroad bridge near the DC Mormon Temple.

We had watched the Wizard of Oz recently together, so he appreciated all the references.  When we finally got near the temple, he was impressed that it really did look like the Emerald City.  Unfortunately, looking backwards towards the railroad bridge we found that the graffito hasn’t been repainted.  I don’t condone vandalism, but I miss this memory from my childhood.  But the bonding with my son was priceless, with or without the actual text.  And finding the picture above will help convince him that I’m not crazy.



  1. I realize I was sitting quietly beside you, and I am reluctant to admit to now, but I believe I was almost as excited as Samuel to see the temple and then with the desire to see the warning for Dorothy. Thank you for sharing your life with the boys and me. I cherish these memories.

  2. Hold tight to the memories of your children. Sometimes they have to be with you forever. Writing a post like this will help you keep them in your mind and heart, and your readers can celebrate those with you.

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